Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peliculas De Incesto Argentino

Ode to Joy [... Luxembourg].

Since I am into international * , most countries have no borders for me. Yesterday in Luxembourg, Brussels today * tomorrow in Paris, I wonder if Europe does not begin to be too small. I know say it like this, it can make people dream but it is only because you have never tried the train * between Brussels and Luxembourg.

one hand the capital of Europe * , the other his boyfriend, the dough, you can imagine in between, like an animal swift and spirited, a TGV * gilded with fine gold, leather interior hand stitched by young virgins gliding silently on rails * money ladled.

[As part of legislation on child labor, we can not hire them until sixteen. If you think it's easy to find employees]

So it's just a normal train crossing the country and serves nearly all the cities he meeting. This excludes, life is beautiful, the hundred-ninety-two thousand villages located further * . Between two fifty ET more than three hours away, is that there are cities throughout Belgium.

was the first time I set foot * in Luxembourg. To be exact, I'm already past, but hardly the time realizing that we had already landed in Germany.
Coluche mocked Switzerland saying that we can hardly catch them as drugs * . I was kind of the same image great Duduche the grand duchy, but with the banknotes in place remedies.

Around nineteen thirties, the large boulevard de la Gare Centrale, a strange crowd shows it is with cliches. They are two or three and talk to each other seem * . They carry with them the misery and speak in languages came from somewhere in the East. They drink beer or wine and happily exchanged them bottles.

The atmosphere is peaceful, it reigns no threat. These humans are * smile almost as many women as men. Their ages range from almost too young. Pass a cig in one hand to another, sometimes a lighter illuminates a face with dark eyes. Trade mark which mutual respect, they have so little that they prefer to share * .

Farther ago the station concourse is this kind of marble * that only regular care helps him maintain a sustainable air as clean. Passengers are in transit, eager to nibble compensate. On either side, shops, shop windows and richly endowed, in the corner there * , just after the entrance of the large waiting room of opaque glass, two drunken bum that shouting at each other.

Thereupon, I do not know how zealous employee * picnic atmosphere with music that it swings all the way into loudspeakers that saturate. For although you may see: I've just crossed a kind of Babel * Slavic misery happy, I landed in a palace of stone over him so clean it looks like a Swiss, I envision two poor wretches who s'injurent engrams drinks and I mean

Ode to Joy.
Vive l'Europe!

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